Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A-Rod to Twins???

So A-Rod won his 3rd AL MVP yesterday, and deservedly so. He had an amazing year, and the Yankees surely would not have made the playoffs without him. And what a pity that would have been...that's a little sarcasm creeping in there, folks. But despite A-Rod seeming to kiss the Yankees goodbye by opting out of his contract, it sounds as though he will sign a ten-year deal with them, for somewhere in the neighborhood of, oh, $275 million. But this deal is by no means finalized yet. In fact, there's still a team that could be in the hunt. Yes, I'm talking about my hometown team, the Minnesota Twins. I don't think they've formally made A-Rod an offer yet, but I'm pretty sure that he would be willing to take a massive pay cut and sign with the Twins. It's a natural fit, we need a third baseman, who's the best hot corner man on the market? A-Rod could totally go to the Twins for like, $6.5 million a year, plus all the Dome Dogs he can eat. After all the pressure of New York City, he could relax in a smaller market, where the owners don't expect to win a World Series every year. But even with all that A-Rod has to offer the Twins, I'm still not sold...we do have Nick Punto playing third base. And in 2007 Punto hit a blazing .210, only 104 points lower than A-Rod, not to mention Punto's one home run, just 53 behind A-Rod. So, yeah, I really don't know how much better A-Rod would make the team. But I suppose it would be okay if the Twins signed him, I guess I'd just deal with it.

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