Monday, March 3, 2008

House of the Prisoner 2

I was watching an old episode of House on the USA network this weekend, and there were 2 interesting similarities to the 1960's TV show The Prisoner. (For more connections between the 2 shows, see my earlier post "House of the Prisoner.") In this episode, House was wearing a turtleneck, similar to what Number 6 often wore on The Prisoner, which made Hugh Laurie look even more like Patrick McGoohan. Okay, so that's maybe not that interesting...but the next point is. House is "teaching" some medical students because he's avoiding working in the clinic, and they're asking him all these questions that he finds exasperating. He answers one of their questions with, "That would be telling," familiar to Prisoner fans as one of Number 2's favorite sayings. It's even in the dialogue that precedes every show.

Number 6: "Whose side are you on?"
Number 2: "That would be telling."

So, deliberate homage or just a coincidence? Well, that would be telling, wouldn't it?


Holly A Hughes said...
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Holly A Hughes said...

Let me just fantasize for a moment about a remake of The Prisoner starring Hugh, wait, let's start with a remake of Secret Agent (aka Danger Man) starring Hugh Laurie.

Or Hugh Grant, actually.

Boy, if anyone ever hired me to run network TV programming...