Friday, December 5, 2008

Elvis is Everywhere!

Okay, so Elvis Costello is officially everywhere. He's got a new talk show on the Sundance channel, where he talks to various music legends, he's been appearing in an opera with Sting, he was just on a rerun of David Letterman the other night, and he was on Stephen Colbert's Christmas special. He's a busy guy. It's funny how sometimes once you start paying attention to someone, they suddenly become ubiquitous.


Holly A Hughes said...

Elvis has so much energy for this sort of thing, it should be illegal. I'm afraid it may turn off some people; he does seem almost like a whore. But what I love is how genuine his enthusiasm always seems. There he is on Sundance, chatting away with Elton John like they're best buds -- and suddenly I find I like Elton John better, because Elvis brings out the best in him.

Elvis has never found any type of exposure beneath him. And yet somehow, magically, he makes it work.

Mark said...

That's very true, it sometimes seems like Elvis is everywhere, but it never feels like he's "selling out." Did he ask Elton John why all of his songs sound the same?