Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Jesus of Cool Sale

Okay, I know I talk about Yep Roc Records a lot. But I have to give them a shout out because they are having an Easter Jesus of Cool Nick Lowe Sale! How fitting! Speaking as an agnostic, I rather enjoy the cheeky humor of it all. So right now you can get Jesus of Cool, The Convincer, and At My Age for $9.99 each. They're all more than worth it, so anyone who reads this blog who doesn't own all 3 CD's needs to get themselves over to Yep Roc and check out Nick! I wonder if Yep Roc would be willing to hire me as an official Nick Lowe/Robyn Hitchcock historian/archivist?


Uncle E said...

Ah, but I've got them, as I bet you already guessed, but the other readers of your blog that don't own these allow me to second Mark's suggestion that you buy these three right now.
Mark, just received the Brinsley Schwarz discography, and Nick's entire back catalogue, courtesy of a friend in Canada. It includes some rarities discs and a bunch of very cool stuff besides. Once I find out how to post MP3's on the blog I'll post 'em for all to hear. The Brinsley's, especially near the end, really showcase some wonderful early Nick tunes as well.

Mark said...

Hi E, it's funny that you just got the Brinsley's albums, I just bought a bunch of their CD's too! I decided it was time to get them to make my Nick Lowe collection a little more complete. (I haven't started listening to them yet, though.) The rarities that you speak of sound pretty sweet! Were you able to get all of Nick's solo albums? I can't wait to hear them on your blog!