Monday, February 15, 2010

March 22nd is Propellor Time!

According to Robyn Hitchcock's fancy new website, March 22nd is Propellor Time. What does that mean? Well, it would seem to indicate that he's releasing a new album of that title on that date. I'm guessing that the above picture is the album cover, meaning it's another album with his crack backing group, The Venus 3. (Okay, so they do more than just back Robyn. Peter Buck, for example, also plays with a little group called REM.) I'm excited, not just because I like Robyn, but I really feel that his last two albums, "Goodnight Oslo" and "Ole, Tarantula," are some of his best work. I'm excited to hear where Robyn will go with this album. Maybe his trip to Greenland as part of Cape Farewell inspired some of these new songs. Only 5 weeks and one day until Propellor Time!

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Holly A Hughes said...

I am getting juiced. JUICED, I tell you. (Plus I get to see him in a week -- I'll be sure to report on any new gems he's previewing from the album.) I also read somewhere that Sir Nick Lowe is going to be among the "guest artists" on RH's new CD. I hope this amounts to more than Robyn's own much-hyped guest appearance on the Decemberists' Hazards of Love. I'd've felt cheated by that, if the rest of the album hadn't been so good.